My satellite station for Oscar 100




21   22 



1   2   3   4   5  
    After saw and file work, ready for soldering.              
6   7   8   9   10  

A spacer ring made with the 3D printer from PLA

      4watt wifi amplifier original as purchased   Here I removed the diode switsh from the input  
11   12   13   14   15  
        Here both switch diodes have been removed and reconnected.  

There is also a connection made at the ic top left
so that it is always in TX mode.

16   17   18   19   20  


  Test setup video  



Conversion LNB from Xtal25 Mhz to TCXO 25 Mhz 0.5 ppm



    TCXO 25Mhz  
    Working LNC with TCXO 25 MHz  
    AMS1117 voltage regulator 3.3 volt  
    I try the HT7333A – 3.3V, LDO Regulator. Don't do that very bad result,a lot of harmonic.  


Setup 90cm antenna dish




Power amplifier first wifi amplifier from Aliexpress (4watt) and later from pe1cmo (now 20watt)


  Test setup output power 4 watts        
      10 db attenuator    




Setup garden shed



Next project 10 Mhz gpso





ADF 4351 RF Generator 34.5 to 4400 Mhz